When we break bread together, we break barriers. Whether it's a well-worn family recipe, a story of a leap of faith or just a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, pull up a chair and get comfy, because I've set a place at my table just for you!


    Hey, I’m Aarti Sequeira

    Food Personality and Journalist

    I love bringing people together around the table! I’m a former news (CNN) and documentary (HBO’s “Sand and Sorrow”) producer turned Food Network host and cookbook author. I’m a multicultural mutt with a polyglot palate (born in India, raised in Dubai, schooled by Brits, married to a Boston Irishman and now, mother to biracial children); I believe the wider my worldview, the more open my heart.

    A journalist by trade and a cook by obsession, I’m addicted to discovering recipes that reveal a moment in a culture’s history and how it can help us understand where we are now. (And coffee. I’m also addicted to coffee.) I’m on a quest to bring us back to the table so we can relish our loved ones, embrace future friends and give thanks to the One from whom all good things come. I create cookbooks, appear on your TV and… I wrote this.

    Introducing My Family Recipe Journal!

    Many of us have heartfelt memories of our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles working in the kitchen to create a delicious meal filled with special ingredients, love, and memories, but over time, those recipes and memories can get misplaced and forgotten. I have kept a food journal since I was 10 years old where I jotted down recipes, traditions, tips, memories in the kitchen, and of course, the scripture that resonates with those memories, and I cherish my journal and everything it is able to carry. That is why I teamed up with DaySpring to create My Family Recipe Journal for you!

    I want to help you record and cherish your special family cooking traditions and memories that you can pass down from generation to generation. My hope is that through this journal, you are able to find a stronger connection to your family, its history, and the generations that have come before you, and that you are able to use it to collect and retell the stories and memories of the cherished recipes and meals you have enjoyed with your family and friends.

    My Journal


    I've always loved writing. When I was little, I'd create little books, writing a story and drawing pictures to accompany them. I graduated to a pink diary when I was a bit older, complete with a lock and key! And so it only made sense that, as an adult, that pink diary would transform to a blog. Here you'll find ideas, stories, tips and recipes about all my favorite things...family, faith, culture, traditions, great conversation and of course… delicious food.



    To know me is to know my obsessive rabbit trails. Yes, sometimes it’s ingredients or places, but sometimes it’s the products that are making my curls bounce with joy or the workout that makes me feel strong. Sometimes it’s even those videos of people getting chiropractic work that I find strangely satisfying. Whatever it is, whether it’s appealing to my eyes, ears, nose, mouth or skin, I’m sharing it with you...


    We’re all part of a family, by birthright or by choice. I am grateful to be able to share stories about my own family and "fr-amily" (friend family) and the ways we’re succeeding at being each other’s safe place.


    We’re all part of a family, by birthright or by choice. Here I’m sharing stories about my own family and fr-amily (friend family) and the ways we’re succeeding at being each other’s safe place.


    When I reach the end of my days, all I want is to hear the Lord say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” This is where I share how I’m working toward that goal.

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